Limited Time Special until 5th January
You are paying for the Phase not the Level 

This applies to all Members who is not currently on that Level.

**** Note **** You must send in a picture of your payment to support

Starter Phase ($25-L1)=  
     $10 a month or $60 for a Year

This is the only level you can send $10 a month for.


Phase 1 ($50-L2, $150-L3, $500-L4) = 
      Quarterly payment $40, 6 month $75, or $150 Annual


Phase 2 ($1,000-L5, $2,000-L6, $3,000-L7) 
      $180 payment Annual


Phase 3 ($5,000-L8, $7,500-L9, $12,000- L10) = 
      $500 payment Annual

** STOP ** Do not send your 2nd Payment to Admin unless directed to do so.

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