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The Administrative Fee & Membership Fee that goes via Member to Member has a NO REFUND Policy. You agree to these terms every time you put in a new request to join the MLS Bitcoin Club or MLS International Bitcoin Club / Rotating Hands or want to enroll in Leveling Up to Higher Levels within the Club.

90 Day Forfeiture of Payment POLICY:

The payment stays in the system for a period of 90 days awaiting for you to set up a Qualified Bitcoin Wallet. If you fail to setup a Bitcoin Wallet for 90 days that payment is forfeit. It's only the payment that were due to pay out. Not setting up a Qualified Bitcoin Wallet is a personal responsibility even though MLS Bitcoin Club does provide a videos on how to setup Multiple wallets to include, Coinpayments, Coinbase, BitPay, BTC.com, & Trezor.io...


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